How to Travel Safely while in Quarantine!

How can I Travel Safely while in Quarantine?

I know that quarantine has been making people stir crazy. I mean, it is definitely making me stir crazy! I love to travel and go on adventures, hence this travel blog, but it’s hard to down while we’re in lock down. What my boyfriend and I decided to do was to drive all the back roads. Don’t worry, we brought our masks and made sure to stay 6 feet away from everyone whenever we go out of the car, which was only once! It help him and I relax and we got some beautiful pictures out of the comforting drive! It wasn’t a big crazy adventure, but it was a little slice of paradise for sure.

Where did we Stop?

As I said in the last paragraph, we took one stop. We stopped at a beautiful winery called Perissos. My boyfriend, who is in the wine industry, thought it would be a nice place to get some fresh air and boy was he right! It was absolutely gorgeous and the wine was fantastic! At least according to my boyfriend who is of legal age to drink. If anyone is in the Burnet area then I would definitely recommend coming here. Whether it’s for the beautiful scenery or the spectacular wine! It is also dog friendly, so feel free to bring the pooches.

What if I can’t Travel Somewhere?

Although getting out is great during this stressful time, not everyone has the opportunity to do so. This is not a problem because there are plenty of things to do while you’re at home! My boyfriend and I sat out and enjoyed the outside just from our patio. We also lit a couple fires to keep us warm during some of the chilly nights. Just because you can’t travel, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the outside air. Feel free to play a board game or a card game with those who are quarantined with you because that can be an adventure in and of it’s self! So just remember, you don’t have to travel to enjoy the outside or those you’re with.

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I'm a freshman at Texas State University. I'm majoring in Advertising and minoring in French.

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