My Favorite Travel Blogger!

Who is my Favorite Blogger?

There are so many travel blogs out there; however, I would have to say that my favorite travel blogger would have to be Nomadic Matt. In Matt’s blogs, he discusses the top best things to do in certain places, how to travel without traveling, and just so many more topics that are engaging. I consider his blog to be my favorite because of how diverse his topics are. He goes on cruises, flying trips, local trips, and just so many things. You can’t go on his blog and not find something that interests you. He is such an exciting guy. He has so many traveling stories, and each of those stories brings you in. He also gives excellent travel advice, and I’ve found myself using many of the things he’s blogged about or gone to places because of him. I look up to him in so many ways when creating my travel blog.

Which Post is my Favorite?

I would say my favorite post of his is “7 Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch Without Traveling.” Due to this current pandemic with the coronavirus, this has become my favorite post. Being a travel blogger, this coronavirus is not a whole lot of fun. The entire “shelter-in-place” ban has definitely inhibited my ability to go cool places for my blog, so this post has helped me a lot. He’s given us seven options to do while we’re locked in our homes. He suggests reading travel books, watching travel movies, starting to plan our next trip, starting to travel hack, to join online communities, read travel blogs, and to meet travelers near us. Sadly, we’ll have to skip out on the last suggestion for the time being. My favorite option out of these would be the “start planning your next trip.” I am already used to doing this, so it’s easily my ideal option. Feel free to comment on your favorite option!

My Overall Review!

In conclusion, Nomadic Matt’s blog is the absolute best traveling blog out there. His blogs are filled with fantastic advice, stories, and so much more! I’ve learned a lot from him, and I’m sure everyone else can find something useful from his blog. I read almost every post, and I can’t wait for all of his future posts. I could not recommend this blog more!

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