Blanco River!

Where’s a Good Place to Cool Off in Texas?

As someone who has lived in Texas for a while, we know it gets really hot. Now, where’s a good place to cool off? I would recommend the Blanco River in Blanco, Texas. It’s a cool, gorgeous river right off the road that you can dip into! There are many places to enter the Blanco River but one of the most common places is at the Blanco State Park. I like to get in at one of the other dams, however, it’s easiest to get in at the state park. The water is always cold and you always meet the nicest people there!

My Experience at the Blanco River!

Once the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted a little, my boyfriend and our friends (who were quarantining) went down to the river to cool off. It was my first time there in a while but nothing had changed! We brought our floats in, a truck hitch to anchor us, and a cooler with food and drinks. It was the absolute best set up and I definitely recommend a truck hitch as an anchor because it held all four of us and we’re not the lightest! It was super peaceful and only a couple other people showed up. The wildlife was beautiful there too. Although I would recommend remembering to reapply sunscreen because everyone in my entourage get burnt to all hell!

Things to do at the Blanco River!

There are many things that you can do at the Blanco river! While I was there I saw people fishing, swimming, kayaking, etc. It’s such a beautiful place there that it would be a great picnic area, especially at the Blanco State Park. It has ample opportunities to be the perfect family spot. There is plenty of space along the river for you to feel secluded enough without feeling completely alone. The Blanco river is also dog friendly so feel free to bring your dog(s) along!

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