Broadway in New York!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

-Helen Keller

Broadway in New York City!

When you think of New York, what do you imagine? Whatever you’re thinking of right now, you’re most likely right. New York City, in my opinion, is exactly how it is depicted in the movies. It was gross at times and the people were rude BUT it was still super fun! One of the things that we did while we were there was go see “The Book of Mormon.” This was by far the best play I have ever seen! If you’re trying to decide which broadway play to go watch, I would 100% recommend this play. However; this play is NOT for young children! It is definitely 18+ and is not a reenactment of the actual Book of Mormon. There were many older couples and families with small children there that you could tell did not know it was not a reenactment.

A Summary of “The Book of Mormon” (SPOILERS)

I won’t spoil it too much; however, I think it would be good to give a brief summary of the play so you can decide if you would like to see it or not. To give some background information on the play, it is written by those who write and produce “South Park” so it is more of a comedy than a true depiction of the Book of Mormon. It’s also a musical so it’s super fun and catchy! The play follows these two Mormon men going on their first mission, which they are sent to Africa. They are sent to convert this village that is NOT religious at all because they live such a hard life. It follows them through their process of trying to convert them. It’s funny and you’re entranced the entire time. They go through many obstacles; however, in the end they’re able to convert them to be Mormons in their own funny way. It ends on a very good note and you’re left completely satisfied. I immediately went and bought a shirt from the concessions after the play was over!

My Overall Review

If you couldn’t tell by now, I couldn’t recommend this Broadway play anymore than I already am! It was absolute so amazing and I would 100% go back and watch it again. However, the tickets were expensive so I would recommend seeing the Broadway show when it travels around the States and world. It should be a little cheaper due to it not being in the icon Broadway but it’ll be just as good. We also ran into someone working that was extremely rude to use because we accidentally left my dad’s phone in the seats. It was only one person though so I wouldn’t put that against them at all! It was way too good for one person to ruin my experience! So to conclude my review, I would give this a 10/10 experience and recommend it to everyone going to New York City. Until next week y’all!

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